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and i am on the corner singing sentimental lies.

life marches on.

A LOT OF STUFF WENT HERE THAT I'VE SINCE DELETED because, guess what, Dan and I decided to give it another shot. yep. there are a lot of reasons and frankly I'm kind of tired of explaining my shit, so I will just leave it at this: there are a lot of stipulations, but I believe it'll work out, and I am happy.

HEY! let's look on the bright side! here is what I have going on this summer (all exciting stuff):

  • my summer school class is 6/6 - 6/30. it's MATH165 aka statistics. I have to take it for my major. this shouldn't excite me, but it does. why? I DON'T REALLY KNOW TO BE HONEST. I'm aggressively terrible at math, so much so that it makes me cry from frustration. but I figure that I'd rather take it over four weeks than four months, and I've heard this professor is legit amazing. so maybe it won't be horrendous! (let's ignore the fact that it is 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. four days a week. so gross>)

  • auditioned for The Merry Wives of Windsor (which will go up 8/5 - 8/21) and Antigone (8/26 - 9/11). I was offered a role in Merry Wives before callbacks were even over, so I'll definitely be playing Anne Page in that. Anne is a sassy ingenue who tricks the two dudes she's semi-promised to into marrying little boys, then runs off with her sexy Fabio-esque loverboy. the Antigone cast list has yet to be released, but I have my fingers crossed for the Chorus (or Ismene, but that's a longshot). either way, I'm in at least one show! \o/

  • JOB? a job would be fucking fantastic, thanks. I haven't heard back from anything on campus, which is a bummer. today, I plan on biking to the Korean/Japanese restaurant across the street from school and seeing if they're looking for help. the owner is amazing and I have previously written about her here, so I hope that might endear me to her.

  • going back to a regular workout schedule and my new-old boxing coach. super duper excited to get back in the gym. it's ironic that working out is my greatest stress reliever, yet I never have time to do it during the schoolyear when I'm actually stressed.

  • determined to reach out to people, once I get out of my post-breakup hermit phase. I want to bond with so many friends this summer. also, Elise finally got a car this past weekend, so that means SO MANY ADVENTURES.

  • a few random projects for this summer — planting some things in the strip of soil outside my porch, either fixing up my shitty bike or procuring a new one, reading all of One Piece because I love [ profile] terrorcandy just that much, reorganizing my entire apartment, etc. etc.

so basically, there are a lot of bright things on the horizon and I am excited to throw myself into them full force. I've just got blinders on at the moment. they'll come off soon.

ANYWAY. I've been wanting to do this again, so HERE IT IS:

give me a "five things" prompt for any fandom that you know I am into, and I will try to write it, no promises.
previous incarnation and examples in case you do not understand this concept: here. DO IT DO IT DO IT
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i am v feverish but love you meimei

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i love you more, even when you are feverish!!

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as i said before, whenever you wanna skype let me know and we will talk and talk even if i have stayed up straight the last 72 hours i will curl with you on the couch and hear what you need to say. It is okay to feel sad. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but there's no shame in it and no judgments from me. Next time you are lying in bed and dont want to wake up, shoot me a text. I will reach through the screen and help you up
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chuu you are so good to me. ♥ thank you thank you thank you. I know I can always turn to you. I am looking forward to the day that I want to talk to people about it. ahh you are the best and this made me cry. thank you for being so great. thank you for being you. chuuing forever ♥
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Five Times Nathan Has Weird Feelings About Victor

im not saying they gotta be gay!!! im just saying oh fuck it you know what i mean
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five times nathan had weird feelings about victor, part i

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Karkat just called some perfectly normal food another stupid name, and Victor and John are laughing at him while Karolina and Molly play Uno on the couch and it's this exact moment when Nathan wonders why the hell he does this.

He's still not used to this family bullshit. All the chatting and laughing and arguing— well, alright, he's used to the arguing. That's familiar, at least. If there's one thing he can do, it's yell at someone. But someone usually puts a stop to that before it gets out of hand, either Molly by threatening to punch him or John by shoving food in Karkat's terrifyingly sharp mouth. So it's just like having a huge, happy family, except he's pretty sure he's the dad. And that just leaves a terrible taste in his mouth.

Which is why he pulls a sour face at Victor when the cyborg asks if he'll help Karolina clean up, and it definitely explains the strange outburst. "No," he spits, standing up so fast that his chair clatters to the ground. "I can't do this, man. I'm not cut out for this shit!" His back's pressed against the front door and he fumbles with the handle, all wild eyes and flailing hands.. "You lot can find someone else to put food on the table, alright, I'm going to go do what I was built to do and drink myself proper fucked."

Guilt hits before he gets even half way to the pub, and it's the strangest feeling. First of all, he sounded stupid: Victor's the one who puts food on the table. Not him. Technically speaking. And he actually feels legitimately awful for snapping like that. The kind of awful that doesn't smooth over with a few beers. It's odd. All of this is odd.

(Of course he ends up going back a few hours later.

"I'm sorry," he says hoarsely, leaning in Victor's doorway. It's obvious he's a bit drunk, but that still sounded so sincere, it's shocking for both of them. "I still haven't got a single idea how to fucking function here, and all these people— you just keep attracting people like you're one of those fucking insect lamps, you know that? Robo-insect lamp. That's you."

"You're not making sense," Victor laughs despite himself.

Nathan just shrugs. "I'm still sorry."

"It's fine, but don't do it again." He cocks his head. "You really upset John and pissed off Molly, and you know how that ends."

Ugh, fuck. He's still totally the dad. "Sorted.")
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Five Times Equis Considered Releasing Nepeta as His Moirail
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five times equius considered releasing nepeta as his moirail, part i

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i. As far as Equius is concerned, there is no such thing as being too strong—

And then he meets Nepeta.

The girl is constantly everywhere, moving unlike any creature Equius has seen in the wild or in musclebeast art. She scampers through the silence, calling for him to hurry up, and then suddenly she's on his back covering his eyes with those infuriating paws she's fashioned. "I order you to release me at once," he says, but stands stock-still. He will not move his arms even an inch, for fear of hitting the girl and breaking every bone in her small, lovely face. He will not continue to walk — what if she were to fall under his boot?

"No way!" Nepeta crawls up his back until she's sitting on his shoulders, leaning far over until they're eye to upside down eye. "You're being purrticularly weird today, did you know that?"

It's true. They'd only recently agreed to be moirails, and every time Equius sees or speaks to her, he has his doubts. She won't stop touching him, and it freezes him to the spot. She is the first troll he has been concerned with hurting, and even setting aside the complicated feelings that come with that, it's flat out annoying. He doesn't know how to be gentle — he's broken so many of Nepeta's teacups, and when she takes his hand it goes limp. If he cannot give her the affection she so clearly thrives on, what good is he as a moirail?

But then she's jumping to the ground, snatching his glasses and tearing off for the dark and dangerous caves. Equius remembers, this is why they've chosen one another; though she is better than her blood, she is still foolish and needs to be cared for. He will simply have to learn how to care.

Nepeta's strength is a different breed; she's lean and sinewy. It's the strength born of a life of hunting, not a life of hurting. Equius knows his power is unnatural — freakish, even — but Nepeta comes by hers honestly.

The first time he sees her take down a wild pouncebeast and tear it apart at the neck, his noble blood runs cold. "Nepeta, no," he scolds, picking her up easily by the jacket with one hand. She fights against him, pieces of its flesh still caught in her hands. "It's extremely wrong to harm these beautiful creatures."

She spits blood at him, kicks her little feet in the air. "Then what do you do for food?!"

What a stupid question. "I drink the milk of my lusus, mainly." Nepeta stops moving at that, makes an inquisitive noise that might be a meow. "Lusus milk," he repeats. "Is this difficult to comprehend?"

"So gross!" Nepeta cries, and wiggles right out of her jacket. She lands on the ground and stands up to her full height — just over half of his — with her chest puffed out in mockery. "STRONG SWEATQUIUS ONLY DRINK STINKY AURTHOUR MILK," she bellows in a poor imitation of Equius' own voice. "HULKING BRUTE THINK EATING POUNCEBEAST MEAT IS ONLY FOR LITTLE WRIGGLERS!"

"That isn't how I talk," Equius says, swiping at his forehead with his free hand. "Furthermore, I order you to cease hunting pouncebeasts— neigh, all beasts."

She stands on tiptoes to blow a raspberry in his face before running back to the carcass. "Obey my commands!" Equius shouts, trundling after her and nearly tripping over a fallen tree. "Why won't you do as I say?"

"If we are going to be meowrails, CT has to accept that AC is a furrocious hunter, just like AC accepts that CT is a silly hypurrcrite who likes to break his own robots!" Somehow, Nepeta manages to speak with innocence, even with pouncebeast blood smeared across her face.

And Equius hates it, but he has to admit she has a point. "Fine, CT— I will allow this singular concession."

"One day you'll play purrtend games with me," she says happily, and abandons the dead beast to pounce on him instead.
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Five Times John Considered Running Away (From Home or Elsewhere)
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Five Ecto-Sibling Moments (And one a little too Redrom for anyones comfort)
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Five Movies John and Karkat Watch Together BEfore the End of the World
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Five Bets Johanna and Finnick Made
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Five Times Dolohov and Lockhart Never Met (thank goodness)
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Five Capitol Hookups Finnick Regrets Most of All

BOOM moderm family request

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Five times Mitchell suspected his sister's boyfriend was not completely straight
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Four Times John and Eridan Were Friends (and one time they were sworn enemies)
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four times john and eridan were friends (and one time they were sworn enemies) part i

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At their first dinner with Amy and Rory, Eridan breaks the cardinal rule: don't talk about Jack Noir.

To be fair, it's kind of harmless — he's just explaining what brought him here, and why the "rainbowwdrinkin' slag" killed him, and Jack's name comes up.

Without really thinking, John takes a spoonful of mashed potatoes and leans over the table, making neeeeeeroooooooooooom noises as he airplanes it into Eridan's mouth. It shuts him up, though he does emit a sound much like GLUB through the potato mess, and Rory buries his face in his hands.

He's not even upset! It's clear that Eridan's not bringing it up to bug John, he's just talking and talking and talking about himself and his life, like Eridan does. So the mashed potato plane is really a friendly gesture.

"So," John says after Eridan's done spluttering. "Science!"

And they're off. He leans on an elbow and grins at Amy. An age-old tactic in the prankster's gambit: distract and divert. He's totally winning. Eridan just doesn't know it yet.

As it turns out, Ampora is right next to Egbert in their middle school roster, so they end up seated next to each other in just about every class. John shoots 'kill me' looks at Karkat across the classroom every now and then, but even he has to admit that there are some upsides to being Eridan's lab partner.

"Ew, no, I'm not doing this!" John has a tiny scalpel in one hand and the other covering his mouth so he won't barf. Everytihng about this is so, so gross. No one should ever have to dissect anything, especially not frogs. He wonders briefly how Aradia got excused from this lesson and if he can tag along to the nurse's office with her.

"Don't be such a fuckin' wwimp," Eridan hisses and grabs the scalpel right out of his hand. Frankly, John's glad, though he watches in horror as Eridan expertly slices that frog up and pins back its bellyflaps. "You fill out the sheets, I'm busy doin' science," he says proudly as he starts removing the frog's guts.

John keeps his head bent over the diagrams, filling in the names of organs and muscles and trying not to breathe too much. He wants to look up at Eridan and smile and say thank you, but he also doesn't really want to throw up on his new friend's shirt, so he waits until after class for the celebratory high five. "Good job, partner! We showed that frog who's boss."

"Wwho are you callin' partner," Eridan spits, head held high as he walks to his locker. "I did all the fuckin' wwork."

When Feferi gets sucked into the weird TV world, Souji has to explain to the trolls that he can't take them all. Eventually, it gets narrowed down to Karkat, Eridan, Sollux and John — and Souji mostly picks John so someone can corrall the three of them and keep them from killing each other instead of the shadows.

Teddie and Karkat make a surprisingly good team, and Sollux refuses to pair up with anyone — who would want him for a partner anyway, he's fucking utheleth. That leaves John and Eridan grimacing at each other.

"I still don't believve in your charlatan wwindy shit," Eridan says as they slosh through the knee-high water that covers Feferi's dungeon.

"Okay, you can stop saying that any time now," because they're a team and John has used his charlatan windy shit to help out Eridan like seven times by now. Wind and laser guns? Actually a pretty awesome combination.

Still, when they pause to let Teddie heal them up, John looks over at Eridan and thinks of what it'd be like if he had to rescue Rose from her demon self. Well, okay, technically that's what he was supposed to do back home, and suddenly he feels for Eridan. (It's something Karkat has warned him about again and again: DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THAT FUCKRUCKUS, HE'S NOT WORTH IT.)

So John catches Eridan's eye and smiles. "Don't worry, ok? We're going to save her and she will be fine."

Eridan starts to stammer something out, but John just slings the Zillyhoo over one shoulder and marches on. "Keep up, Eridumb!" he yells behind him. "Your princess is in another castle!"

The reference is lost, but John laughs anyway.
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Four Family Dinners at Nathans That Were Disasters (and one that wasn't so bad!)
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Four Social Events Hosted By Steph That Fell Through (And One That Went Just As Planned)
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Five Secrets Chichiri Keeps
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Five Superpowers John Could Have Had Instead Of The Windy Thing
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Five Alternate Timelines For The Homestuck Kids
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Five Secrets Finnick Shares With Katniss
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Fuck I'm so excited for you reading One Piece!!
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five times john and aradia went on a date and neither of them realized it.
four god tier club meetings that went terribly wrong (and one that went okay).
five times john made aradia feel guilty.
five times john was scared of aradia.
five reasons john and aradia watched the indiana jones movies together.

whoops these are all john and aradia.

ummm let's see others:

five times jade and aradia went exploring together.
five times jade surprised dave.
five times equius made nepeta laugh.
five scratches nepeta gave equius.
five mysterious objects john received from nepeta.
five fights dave and john never had.
five times aradia made dave smile.
five times curtis didn't do the right thing.
four times nathan apologized to victor (and one time victor apologized to nathan).
five dinners john helped rory with.
five times rory and john got pizza together.

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fives times john and aradia went on a date and neither of them realized it

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After learning of Troll Indiana Jones' existence, John takes it upon himself to torrent all four films. Human Indiana Jones might not live up to Aradia's standards, but it's still totally important that she learn about this vital piece of human pop culture.

They spend hours curled up on the floor of John's room in front of his laptop, only surfacing for food. Really, they only get through three of the movies — fifteen minutes into Crystal Skull, Aradia glances at the Heir and realizes he's fallen asleep, face buried in that ridiculously long hood. She quietly stops the movie and leaves a note thanking him for the cultural lesson. (human indiana jones lived up to my standards and then some! have a good sleep, john)

School in New Moore is way more fun than school was back home. It's the first time he's been able to spend all day with his friends, and John relishes every second. Still, sometimes lunch with all the trolls is tiring (to say the least) and he has to leave. It isn't mean-spirited; John just needs a break every once in a while from their dramatics.

He wanders off to the music room sometimes and plays haunting piano refrains until his hands are cramped. It's a little piece of home at his fingertips.

He doesn't notice Aradia's presence right away — honestly, she's usually the calm eye of the lunchtime storm, so when she hovers by the piano it isn't annoying at all. "I like what you're playing," she says with a smile like the sun. "It reminds me of my planet."

"Mine too," John says, and he shuts up and keeps playing.

He grabs her hand once during the test of courage, when she slips on the rocky cave floor. Really, she could have caught herself easily, and that's approximately half the reason John spends the next half hour blushing like crazy. Thank goodness for dark caves.

The Host Club's beach festival turned bonfire party is like nothing John's ever seen before. There are paper lanterns and food stalls and games and it's the. best. ever. (Even though he still has to beat the campaign mode of DoomShock 2: Black Ops and it's kind of calling his name in the back of his head.)

He runs into Aradia near the fortune telling booth and they end up wandering together, oohing and ahhing at everything. John practically trips over his big dumb feet to get to the goldfish scooping game. "I've seen this in Ranma!" he cries. Someone like Dave would tell him to calm his tits, but Aradia just laughs and watches as he struggles to capture one of those tiny adorable orange fish.

Five dollars later, he stands and holds the plastic baggie out to her. "Here, you get to keep it! But I am telling you now, she only responds to Casey."

Aradia takes the bag carefully and holds it up to eye level. "Thank you, John!" After studying Casey for a few seconds, she looks back to him. "What do I do with it?"

"You just keep it. Like a pet." She cocks her head a bit, and John's jaw drops. "Trolls don't have pets?!"

"Is a pet similar to a lusus?"

They spend the rest of the night sitting on the shore with their grilled corn and candy apples, talking about pets and lusii and all kinds of cultural things. Troll and human differences sure are weird.

Aradia embodies grace as she flies, her wings blending with the setting sun. She's a better flying buddy than Vriska (too fast, too jumpy, always cutting in front of him and poking him in the ribs, knocking him off balance) though John would never admit that out loud.

For a boy who had a hard time venturing outdoors to the mailbox, John's loves flying. He never gets tired of it, and the presence of the breeze gives him hope that maybe, just maybe, he isn't that far from home after all. It's a long shot, but he has to hang onto some form of hope.

They hover and look out toward the vast expanse of sea that separates New Moore from whatever else the world holds.

"It feels good to be alive, doesn't it?" John turns— Aradia is so bright against the bleeding sunset, she hurts to look at. He shades his eyes with a hand and smiles, nods.

"It really does."

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five times josh and teddie were friends

do you know enough about persona to write a five times thing about ryoji and teddie :o
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yes! I've played both P4 and P3P :o LAY IT ON ME BRO
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five new moore ghosts nathan never wanted to meet (but did)
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five new moore ghosts nathan never wanted to meet (but did) part i

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Turns out, 'released' does mean 'dead.'

Nathan figures this out in the worst way possible and immediately wishes he never had. He heads to the pub after the ginger told everyone that Jenny's gone. It's fucked up, but he's actually upset. He spends a long while staring into his lager and feeling horribly sorry for himself; he misses Kelly and Jenny and those two were nothing alike, but occupied the same space in his mind. Girls he fancied who he couldn't seem to get. Course neither of them are here, and even if they were, what difference would it make?

He's walking home when he sees her, still adorable and cheery, leaning against one of the lamp posts. Nathan rubs his eyes and wonders if he's drunker than he thinks, because she's still there, and smiling at him.

"Knew gingers couldn't be trusted," he says with a grin as he approaches her.

Jenny laughs, and it's so uplifting that it scares him a bit. Christ, he's pathetic. "What are you talking about, Nathan?"

He scuffs a foot against the ground, runs a hand through his hair. "People were saying you'd gone. Fucked up, right?"

"Oh, no, they're right." Jenny's sweet smile is so distracting that it doesn't sink in quite so quickly. "I'm not here anymore. I've gone on a new adventure."

It all comes slamming back at once: seeing Ollie, seeing Jamie, and what it meant for both of them. Everyone on the network who's been bitching about the meaning of 'released.' Jenny, always off on her adventures, and how she's the last person to deserve this. Nathan reels back and slumps against a building, puts his head between his knees until he feels less like he's going to be sick.

He doesn't know why he still expects her to be there when he looks up.

After that, Nathan's a little jumpier, a little more likely to snap at anyone and everyone. He tries to convince himself it was a one-off thing, that he was drunk and knackered and upset and not thinking right. Still, he's uneasy at night and even finds himself avoiding the pub.

It doesn't stop the inevitable from happening, of course. In the middle of a perfectly normal walk around New Moore to alleviate some of his boredom, Nathan sees Hanna in the distance. You've got to appreciate a guy who answers to "Oi, girl's name!"

Hanna grins like an idiot and waves, same as ever, and the two meet midway. "What's up, Nate?"

"Stop fucking calling me that," Nathan says, like he always does. He doesn't really mean it anymore. "Just wandering, man. It's dead boring here."

"That's an interesting choice of words!"

They walk together for a while, chatting about nothing of consequence: the latest shit the island has tried to pull, the need for a paranormal investigator. At a street crossing, Nathan cranes his neck to look for any sign of cars— and when he turns back, Hanna's gone.

"Hanna Falk Cross? He was released two days ago," Shepard says. His eyes are forgiving, but his face remains stoic. Nathan tries to protest, that can't be true, I just saw him, but the officer shuffles his paperwork and turns away. "It's in the books, Young."

His stomach lurches, but at least he has enough sense to make it outside the police station before throwing up unceremoniously into the bushes.


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five things that happened in senior year in homestuck high school au
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okay preemptive warning: I am so sorry for how incredibly long and stupid and self-indulgent this got :')

(no subject)

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