pargon ([personal profile] pargon) wrote2010-01-23 10:20 pm

and you (or your memory)

fkljds can we not talk about my life right now. there are just mounting levels of ridiculousness every day. on the plus side, today I found my future apartment. I mean, I don't get to move in until June (gharldksjlkjsd) but that place is mine. beautiful little cottage super close to campus. fireplace!! also I am taking one of my cats from home so I will never be alone. let my terrifying future commence.

and then [ profile] derogatory did a drabble request post and I was like, fuck it, why not! sometimes I really miss writing fic.

"fandoms" aka "stuff I like":
Dead Like Me
Harry Potter
Dead Poets Society
Dorm Life
History Boys
any and all [ profile] at3am/[ profile] seventynine/[ profile] indesolution products because I will never stop loving them
Strangers with Candy
Heroes (we are talking season 1 and 2; I refuse to accept that the show continued on after that)
Buffy (mostly the nerdlets, though I am slowly getting through the series)
and I guess I could try Persona 4.

(examples: three times Charlie kept his mouth shut, five times Matt Parkman was right about something [this one is impossible, don't even try], five times Rube thought maybe Mason wasn't such a fuck up after all, etc. etc.)

though feel free to try other things!! now fill me up with requests as if I were a turkey waiting to be stuffed. :B

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