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and you (or your memory)

fkljds can we not talk about my life right now. there are just mounting levels of ridiculousness every day. on the plus side, today I found my future apartment. I mean, I don't get to move in until June (gharldksjlkjsd) but that place is mine. beautiful little cottage super close to campus. fireplace!! also I am taking one of my cats from home so I will never be alone. let my terrifying future commence.

and then [ profile] derogatory did a drabble request post and I was like, fuck it, why not! sometimes I really miss writing fic.

"fandoms" aka "stuff I like":
Dead Like Me
Harry Potter
Dead Poets Society
Dorm Life
History Boys
any and all [ profile] at3am/[ profile] seventynine/[ profile] indesolution products because I will never stop loving them
Strangers with Candy
Heroes (we are talking season 1 and 2; I refuse to accept that the show continued on after that)
Buffy (mostly the nerdlets, though I am slowly getting through the series)
and I guess I could try Persona 4.

(examples: three times Charlie kept his mouth shut, five times Matt Parkman was right about something [this one is impossible, don't even try], five times Rube thought maybe Mason wasn't such a fuck up after all, etc. etc.)

though feel free to try other things!! now fill me up with requests as if I were a turkey waiting to be stuffed. :B

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Hey, it's not a terrifying future until you own 10+ cats and talk to yourself!
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well, I've got one of those down. \o/

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Oh, and I totally think you should write me up some Neil DPS drabbles, the angstier the better!
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flsdkjkl that icon

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Re: flsdkjkl that icon

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Five things Neil was thinking, before he died.

? Good enough haha.

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Harry Potter
Dead Poets Society
Dorm Life
History Boys

I sense a pattern.
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is the pattern homos?? because I do love homos!!

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Hahaha, I was thinking 'school'.

But now that you mention it.
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I have to admit, when it comes to my tastes in fandoms, I am very boring. I can't deal with high-fallutin' fantasy worlds and whatnot. I'm always like WHY CAN'T THEY JUST DO THINGS I DO, LIKE.......... GO TO SCHOOL?? this accounts for my most beloved fandoms, for better or for worse. but yeah, homohomo schoolboys come bundled with that, and I will never turn those down!!

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Actually, tangent, but I was rewatching Withnail & I last night. I saw the for the first time shortly before I saw The History Boys for the first time. And now I will never see Vernon Dursley the same way ever again. What is it about him that screams "gay lech" to directors/casters?

(Have you seen Withnail & I? I have a feeling you'd like it. I happen to think it's quite brilliant.)
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AHAHLAKSJD RIGHT?? I honestly didn't understand the plot of History Boys the first time I watched it because I was too busy howling with laughter.

I have not!! never even heard o fit. I am googling it now :x

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That reminds me, did I ever talk to you about the ending scene? I remember being like, "I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS... OH RIGHT, I KNOW!" but I forget if I ever actually brought it up.

W&I is impossible to explain and really weird. but fantastic! I love Richard E. Grant in it.

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five times that perry cox cried

(i feel i can only remember maybe two times in the show? maybe i'm wrong. but this seemed like a fun prompt. :D)

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Dead Like Me
Dead Poets Society


Just a thought.
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five times phil got high with his floormates
five shots gopher didn't take
five things no one remembers after jonathan's augmentation spell
derogatory: (thanks for never telling me about)

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5 Potential dates (more like friends) for Sam
5 Potential dates (more like victims) for Jack
5 Games of Gay chicken that went horribly awry
5 Reasons why Jenn and Kelso get along
5 Failed Nicknames for The Todd

Five Air Trek moments with Simon
Five failed menu options at der Wafflehausen
Five pairings from the aphrodiasic plot that never happened (but should've)

Five things about Peter Claire believes that are not true
Five times Nathan/Peter wished they were an only child
Five Roadtrips Sylar couldve gone on
Five ways Hiro and Ando might've met

Five times when Gilderoy didn't have perfect hair
Five memories Gilderoy would never want to erase

I will come up with some for utopia/dsytopia later, my browser deleted these on accident and i dont wanna lose them again
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five potential dates (more like victims) for jack. (part one)

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"Yo, Izzy," Sam calls across the court at half-time. She barely looks his way, just snaps her gum and rolls her eyes and straightens that short short cheerleading skirt. "I learned something in Spanish the other day!"

He's not really interested in the cheerleaders, or girls as more than friends at all, but the Turkletons are family friends and he likes to bug her. "Tu mamá y mi papá totalmente utilizado hasta la fecha. Why break tradition, mamacita?"

Two dozen pompoms being thrown in his face hurts a lot more than you'd think, actually.

(Later that night, when Izzy relays this to her parents, her dad just about blows a gasket. "Don't worry about it, I don't like Jack," she says in a bored tone. "Está maricón, Papi.")

Despite not telling anyone where he was going, Andrew decided to pay Sacred Heart a little visit on his trip to see Tucker. Through a lot of arguing and definitely no bribery with the prospect of bruschetta for breakfast, Dr. Cox had agreed to let Andrew crash on their couch that night.

He wakes up in the way-too-early California sunrise to Jack standing over him, enjoying his third shirtless bowl of cereal this morning. "Dad brought home a new toy," he calls into the kitchen to his sister when he realizes Andrew is staring back at him, then flashes that dangerous smile he must have inherited from his father.

Whenever Kelso breezes into town (usually to care for Jenn, sometimes just for the muffins, which he says are sorely lacking in quality in Hawaii) Jack likes to call him Uncle Bob. This usually nets him at least two days of silent treatment from his dad, and tons of cool stories from the old man, so Jack thinks it's a win-win situation.

"How's your son doing, Uncle Bob?"

Dr. Kelso leans back in his Coffeebucks chair and grins. "Oh, Harrison's the same as ever," he laughs. "He recently broke up with his life partner Geoffrey, but he's channeled his crushing depression into a new business venture: custom-painted wetsuits for gay divers."

Jack sighs and props his chin up on one hand. "Isn't he ever gonna come visit us out here? I wanna meet him." he asks hopefully.

"You worry me, kid."
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five potential dates (more like victims) for jack. (part two)

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Besides his family and J.D.'s kid, Jack's favorite person to mess with is Elliott. If asked to give a serious and compelling reason as to why, he'd just shrug and call her a cougar, but it goes deeper than that. He just really likes being privy to watching someone's life slowly fall apart — a hobby he inherited straight from his mom.

"Carla, I feel like such a tramp," Elliott sighs as they sit down for lunch in the cafeteria. "You know how I hired Dr. Cox's son to do my gardening on weekends? Well, it was really hot last Sunday, so I brought him some lemonade, and he said 'thanks, Dr. Reid,' and I said 'oh, you can call me Elliott, I did see you when you were still wet from birth after all,' and he said 'would you ever want to recreate that special time?'"

"You didn't," Carla gasps, her eyes wide.

"I didn't. But I wanted to!" She groans and drops her head down on the table. "I'm turning into my mother."

(Plus, Jack can steal her cellphone when she's not looking and get Keith's number. He's been meaning to ask about that guy's abs routine for months now.)

"I heard your middle name is my dad's name," Jack says conversationally, leaning back against the locker directly next to Sam's.

The boy's ears flush, but he keeps staring straight forward, twirling his combination lock. "Yeah, I guess it is," he mumbles. Sam tries to pull the door open, but he must've done the combination wrong, stupid sweaty fingers; he can't help it, Jack makes him nervous.

The sun's going down outside San DiFrangeles High (wrong combination again, he takes a deep breath and starts over again). Sam had stayed late to tutor freshmen in Biology, he assumes Jack had practice for... that sport he plays. Or something.

"Hey, wow, it sure is late. Pretty soon it'll be dark." The boy shifts his duffle bag from one shoulder to the other and grins at Sam, all teeth. "Want a ride home?"

Finally, finally, his locker opens. Of course papers start to spill out from the top shelf, and he fumbles with catching them. "I, uh. I biked."

"We'll shove your bike into the back of the car," Jack goads. "C'mon, you don't even have a light on that thing, what if you crash into a telephone pole and die? It happens all the time. Dad's seen so many kids come into the hospital all fucked up from bicycle accidents."

And even though every sense in his body is screaming for him not to, that's how Sam ends up in the front seat of Jack's Porsche, alternating between staring out the window, idly checking his phone to see if maybe someone texted him (they didn't) or trying to make comments about the radio but choking on his words.

"It's cool if we stop by my place first, right?" Jack asks over Lady Gaga's comeback album. He doesn't offer an explanation as to why, and Sam doesn't argue. Just nods and checks his phone again.

He's been to the Cox-Sullivan house plenty of times, but only with at least one set of parents present, so the totally empty and darkened mansion is a little off-putting. And terrifying. Mostly terrifying. "Look, Jack, our houses aren't very far away, I could bike from here—"

Jack turns around and places his hands on each side of Sam's shoulders. "Nah, stay a while," he grins. Sam thinks to slink down and slither away, but that'd put him at even more of a disadvantage, so all he can do is flail and shove when Jack's mouth starts to get way too close.

"Aww, c'mon, where are you going!" Jack yells, standing in the doorway as Sam speeds away so fast that his bike teeters from side to side. "Hey, your backpack's open!" As if on cue, looseleaf papers begins to fly out, and Sam has to backtrack to get them.

Jack just smiles and folds his arms behind his head. Torturing nerds is awesome.
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god my first reply was FFFFFFFFFFFF because i am filling my requests SO SLOW

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fkhdskf Sam's life sucks so fucking hard and HOLY SHIT ANDREW IS NOT A TOY. and wtf harrison poor, poor Cox.

This is so breathtaking. i lve jack fjkhd what a good namesake
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fkjds I like to think Sam inherits Sasha for his sixteenth birthday. so uncool.

they are horrifying to write but also amazing and dlskjdlkj ahhhhhhhhh familyyyyyyy ♥
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Five times Cordelia made Jonathan sleep on the couch
Five Buffy/Angel characters that gueststarred in Utopia
Five family problems Jonathan can't solve with his therapist-fu
Five girls Alex might feel something less than disdain for
Five honeymoons Cordelia and Jonathan never went on
Five Dystopia ghosts that haunt Charlie
Five ways Kennit and Charlie could've lost the fight
Edited 2010-01-26 07:04 (UTC)
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five dystopian ghosts (and one who isn't, but should be). (part one)

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Charlie can't stand people who he can't get a rise out of. Spitfire was always so cool and dismissive of him — and it's the same even in death. He yells into the otherwise empty library, "Don't you care what I even did with Akira's regalia? Would you give a fuck if I just burned it or gave it to some stupid shit on the street who didn't know what it was worth?"

Spitfire laughs, runs translucent fingers across the books (meager by any true library's standards, but pretty extravagant for media-dry Babylon). "I haven't cared about things like that in a while, Charlie."

He takes a deep, shaking breath. Ghosts are not real, ghosts are not real. But really, people came back from the dead to come to Babylon; who's to say they weren't already ghosts?

"I gave it to that guy," Charlie finally says, trying to face away from Spitfire but finding that the man always seems to come back into his peripheral view. "I couldn't use them and I didn't want to. I never understood you guys' obsession with them." He sneers a little: "The sky's not all it's cracked up to be."

"And as usual, you're missing the point. By the way, don't think that the black eyes and battle scars elevate you to a six. They don't."

"Fuck you, Spitfire."

In the abandoned, half-burnt shell of a police car, he sees Parkman. Charlie chokes on his own breath and whips around to look again, and it's empty again. But he's sure he saw him. No one could miss that fat fuck.

And in the hall that night as he walks between rooms, restless and unkempt, he catches a glimpse of Sylar in the study. Just sitting there, across the desk from Mears, bent low over papers and books.

"I'm seeing shit," Charlie whispers, eyes wide and trained on the very real, very corporeal Warren. "Mears, are you seeing shit?"

"No," Warren sighs, and his precise elocution means that this isn't a time for Charlie to bug him, he's busy working on important things an idiot from the nineteen fifties couldn't begin to understand. "But I'm also not drunk, so. There's that."

Okay, so maybe he is, just a little, but Sylar's still there, and he looks up at Charlie with no hint of a smile on his face. Not even a false, calculating one. No sign of life. The man gets up and walks behind Charlie, loiters by Tieria's discarded metal bits, fiddles with his wristwatch. "I'm serious," Charlie says, and that's either weakness or exhaustion creeping into his voice. "They aren't just gonna leave us alone."

"I was too nice to you," Akira spits. They're on the roof of some long-lost government building. It's all teeth when he grins and says, "I should've just killed you."

Charlie's fingers tighten around his knees. Funny how Akira's the one he misses the most, and the ghost he looks forward to the least. "Yeah, but then I could just have haunted you, asshole."

"You wouldn't," Akira tells him. "Because you know your death would've been justified."

It's pretty much a guarantee that Akira will be there whenever Charlie finds himself somewhere high up, resting on pavement warmed from the sun, but the guy also likes to pop up around the mansion for no good reason. Charlie never mentions it to Kennit. One of the influences the man had on him long ago was the odd quirk of talking to himself, so in the end, neither of them are fazed by the other doing it. Even if Charlie does seem to believe in these one-sided conversations with a terrifying conviction.

"She's gonna die," Akira whispers in his ear as they pass Haruhi and Neil. "Oh man, him too. Again." He laughs when Charlie gets mad, when Charlie tries to explain that no one's will get hurt — no one he cares about, anyway. His friends are gonna be fine.

He laughs weakly and leans back against the exposed brick of one of their old haunts, way back when the two-man fight club first started. "I mean, come on," Charlie says. "Parkman? We couldn't have seen that coming. Even you didn't think he was a threat."

"Everyone's a threat," his friend's ghost snarls, face turned toward the darkened sky. "And everyone's gonna die. You're just speeding it along."

Tamaki holds his scarred hands that night and cries. "Ghosts aren't real, nii-san," he says desperately.

From the corner, Akira laughs.
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five dystopian ghosts (and one who isn't, but should be). (part two)

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"Cordelia still thinks you're alive," Charlie tells Faith — one of the only ghosts who doesn't bug him, probably because he doesn't feel much guilt for her death.

Not that it isn't unnerving. Faith seems to only show up when he's horny, which is fucking inconvenient but makes a hell of a lot of sense. She snorts but keeps shadowboxing as they walk down the alley. "Of course she does, she's a crazy bitch."

"Like you've got room to talk," he smiles. He shouldn't be out this late alone (not that he can't take care of himself, but he's starting to doubt if anything he's seeing is real anymore). He should just go back to the mansion and be with Kennit until he feels sane again; or, if insane, at least the right brand of it.

But he wanders for an hour still. "Fuck, you're boring," Faith says right before she disappears. "At least when I haunt J-man, he's got the sense to be scared. Nothing funnier than a guy trying not to piss his girlfriend's bed."

Charlie snorts. "Comedy gold," he says, and then she's gone.

Mello never says a single word to him. Just stares with hollow eyes, melds into the furniture and the scenery and the fires Cordelia sets. Judgment, Charlie thinks, feeling sick to his stomach. After all, back in the days of the Petrelli regime, he knew everyone who had a gun in Babylon. He knew when this started.

Maybe it's better that he doesn't talk. Because it's not like he'd feel sorry for himself, or any of the other victims. He wouldn't even bother to tell Charlie that he's an idiot and he's fucked it all up, destroying this terrible world even more than it already was: the punishment is that these thoughts are in his head to begin with. Mello's face flickers with the flames, something like a smirk, because he knows.

His visits are getting less frequent — that part's understandable, he's a busy man — and when they do happen at all, shorter. These days, Charlie can only take so much of puppy dog eyes and quiet questioning and trust. No one should trust him anymore. Even if he is doing the right thing, no one should put any faith in him. He's learned this. Trust isn't worth shit.

But Knox looks at him like he can't see the gun holster, like his boots don't have permanent bloodstains that even Andrew's cleaning powers can't get out, like tucked behind his back he's got the moon on a silver string. Knox looks at him and still sees his seventeen year old friend whose biggest ambition was to go to New York for the summer.

"You shouldn't be here," Charlie says, his voice thick.

"It's a safe zone, Dalton." Knox smiles despite everything. "Safe's in the word! I'm fine here—"

Charlie turns to look out the window. "No. You shouldn't be here. Alive. In this dome. It doesn't suit you, Knoxious."

A thousand things he doesn't say all revolve around one central thought: I should have let one of them kill you a long time ago. Charlie's figured out that it's easier to deal with ghosts than with the hopeful, the disappointed, the alive.

Re: five dystopian ghosts (and one who isn't, but should be). (part two)

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AHHHHHHHHHHH i love it!!!!! maybe this will make charlie miss akira less?? Never Also this is even better than the late night "FUCK I FORGOT SPITFIRE WAS DEAD" text which was hard to beat. fkjhdsf oh man Tieria in the worshop too 8-> you remembered

fjhd oh knoxious, that is too sad, charlie you could ill him yourself? Then you and Akira could have something in common

Sylar and his watch :( Mello being guilty jfhkdsf when i imagine parkman in the police car, its like super titled to the side he's on, like his weight is gonna cause it to flip hahah porkman

I LOVE IT i am seriously trying to write yours i promise
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lfkjsdklj he will never miss Akira less :( stupid boys. also HOW COULD I FORGET, Tieria's talk-box babbling and Warren being like GOD THE NEW SEASONS OF GUNDAM ARE SO GAY is one of the most hilarious images to come out of dystopia.

sldkjflskdjflskdjflksjdflkjsd PORKMAAAAAAAAAN a fatty fatty fatfat even in death.

chuu I know you are :* :* :*
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five family problems jonathan can't solve with his therapist-fu (part one)

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Michelle always hands in her Christmas list on Thanksgiving. It's a meticulously arranged hierarchy of wants, needs and price that is even harder to comprehend than Andrew's shelving system.

It's the first holiday season since Charlie and Kennit's second visit to the house in Canada, and coincidentally, the first time Michelle was old enough to speak with them. Jonathan knows that she's inherited Cordelia's stubbornness, and he likes to think that the bonus prize is that his daughter isn't particularly impressionable.

Then the list slides under their door late that night.

"Robinson Crusoe," Jonathan reads, making a small noise of despair deep in his throat as his eyes scan the rest of the list.

Cordelia sits up and rests her chin on his shoulder. "Treasure Island," she says. "Under the Black Flag. The Sea Hawk. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A General History of Pyrates."

"Like vampyres," her husband grimaces. "At least she didn't list an eye patch or a pet parrot."

"Or Kennit's books," Cordelia adds with a hint of venom. When Jonathan looks at her with wide eyes, like the thought had never occurred to him, she just kisses his cheek and lays back down. "It's just a fad," she dismisses breezily. "She'll outgrow it!"

(Years and years later, when they see Michelle off at the airport terminal to Spain, off to her grand nautical adventure, Jonathan grins. "Totally a fad," he whispers to Cordelia, who rolls her eyes.)

Everything about Alex worries Jonathan. He may fuss over Michelle, but he only truly worries about Alex. The look in his eyes as he and Warren play Grand Theft Auto is particularly troubling.

"Jesus, Midgetor," Warren groans late one night, hand wrapped around his third Red Bull since waking. "You of all people should know that liking video games does not equate to a fucked up psyche." Jonathan gives him a look from across the mahogany desk — Warren had come into his office to show off the newest gadget he's working on, interrupting Jonathan's very important paperwork time. "Don't look at me like that," Warren snaps. "So your son likes gunning down hookers and lighting buildings on fire! Doesn't mean he's gonna—"

"Save it," Jonathan mutters, for both of their sakes. He doesn't want to have to bring up Katrina, ever.

Whenever he and Cordelia try to get even minimally involved in their son's life, Alex brushes them off with cool apathy. Of course, Cordelia manages to worm her way in somehow, but it just leaves Jonathan feeling defeated and confused.

"Come on, like you never shut your parents out?" Andrew says as he sneaks a taste of the sugar cookie batter. "Earth to Jonathan! When I met you, your parents didn't know anything about you. I mean, they kind of still don't. And you turned out amazing!"

He scoffs at this and traces fingers against the cool granite of the kitchen counter. "Yeah, but the in-between stages are what freak me out."

His best friend just shrugs and gives a hopeful smile. "Uh, you said it yourself, dumbo. Everyone's got issues."

But still, there's that virulence he gets whenever the revolutionaries come around. He freaking punched Kennit! (And got off scot free, to boot.)
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five family problems jonathan can't solve with his therapist-fu (part two)

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"Oh my god, Jonathan," Cordelia finally says, both hands going to rub her temples after ten minutes of Jonathan's frantic fretting when Alex elects to continue rebuilding his Magic decks instead of coming down for dinner. She doesn't really have a headache, but she knows it makes him shut up immediately for fear of a freak supernatural aneurysm or something. "Like, I didn't expect our son to be such a weirdo either, but I mean— look who's raising him. Right?" When he acquiesces with a little nod, she goes on. "But think of the kids you work with. Who did you deal with today?"

"I, um. A new girl named Barbara whose friend recommended her because she's been cutting herself... and Marino, because of that whole. Computer lab fire thing."

She throws her hands in the air. "See? Crazies!" At that he cracks a smile and gives a little half-shrug, but Cordelia isn't through. "You know what problems are. And our kid doesn't have those kind of problems. You can't fix him," she says, leaning in and saying as gently as she knows how, "Because there's nothing to fix. He's just a weird kid, and we love him."

The thing is, it's true, it absolutely is, and deep down Jonathan knows it. But nothing will ever stop him from wanting to try.

They all still have nightmares. Each and every one of them.

Jonathan has less when he goes off his antidepressants, but they linger. He's up reading one night when Cordelia awakes with a jerk and a gasp. Thought she heard gunshots, but there weren't any. Jonathan closes his book immediately and lays with her, and she reassures him over and over that her head is fine, been fine for years, it was just a dream. It's why he can't look Kennit in the eye the next time the revolutionaries come around. He doesn't want her to still dream of that.

But he was never into the transpersonal side of psychology — he even got a C+ in Myth, Dream and Symbol. All he can do is hold her and time their breathing, like it'll absorb any more bad dreams.

"I'm not happy at school," Michelle tells her parents when she comes home for Christmas break. She has the trademark Levinson brave face on and a matter-of-fact tone in her voice. "I called Charlie, and I'm going to go sailing with them." Silence. "In a week." Silence. "For a few months."

All of the alarm bells go off in Jonathan's head, and he's surprisingly quiet while Cordelia screeches and argues with their daughter. Michelle's never been one to fight with them, but she's adamant about going. Still, Jonathan keeps his chin tilted down and thinks. She isn't happy away from home, but she wants to go even farther away. She's running from potential problems. Problems. Michelle has a problem. She needs his help.

When Cordelia huffs off and Michelle is left looking sullen, Jonathan reaches across the table to touch her hand. "You can talk to me about it," he says. "What's making you unhappy. We could go through some exercises, or— or you could just have someone to listen to you talk."

She humors him and they go upstairs to Jonathan's office, close the door and sit on opposite sides of the desk. Despite both being, well, Levinsons, this is surprisingly not-awkward. "So—"

"It's not what you think it is," Michelle says immediately. "I love college, I love learning, I love you and Mom and Alex and Andrew and Warren. I just don't love being here."

"In the house?"

She gives a high and familiar laugh and tosses her head. "No, in Toronto! In the place I've lived my whole life." A quiet falls between the pair, and Michelle casts her eyes around the room. "It's just— Dad, you can't grow up with stories about dome worlds, magic, vampires and pirate ships without wanting to go out and see what else is out in the world."
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five family problems jonathan can't solve with his therapist-fu (part three)

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Jonathan flashes immediately, almost instinctively, to the formation of the Trio. All three of them had grown up with comic book heroes and villains, video game violence and sci-fi morals. Going out and seeing it in the real world was so enticing, of course they'd done it. But Jonathan catches that train of thought and reminds himself: Michelle isn't going to take over the world. She just wants to see it.

Still, there's a sadness in her eyes that he only recognizes because he's seen it in a lot of other kids sitting across the desk from him, and in the mirror. He'd self-medicated by staying at home and lying in the dark for days on end, not eating or sleeping or doing much except breathing. Maybe Michelle has the right idea. Maybe she has to fix this herself by doing something, anything. Still, Jonathan wishes he could help.

"I'll try to talk your mother around to it," he says with a growing warmth in his voice, a pride that his child can be a better person than he ever was at her age.

"How come you guys have the same mark on your belly?"

Jonathan and Andrew freeze. It's a family day trip to Centre Island, enjoying the weather and the vacation that comes along with summer. The kids haven't even hit junior high yet, and already they're asking questions that neither adult knows how to answer.

Cordelia throws a deflated beachball in Warren's face to stop whatever's about to come out of his mouth and says loudly, "A dog bit them!"

"A dog with really good aim," Warren intones before beginning inflation duties.

Andrew hurriedly wraps a towel around his shoulders and pulls it tight around his chest and stomach, nodding fervently. Jonathan forces a laugh and says, "We were little kids when it happened."

"That sounds so scary," Michelle says with wide eyes, and both of them grimace at what she'd look like if she knew the true story.

Years later, when the kids are a bit older, they each hear the real story behind Andrew's scar. Michelle cries, but Alex is smart enough to ask: "Then what about Dad's?" Jonathan's face remains impassive, and he firmly repeats it: dog bite. His son looks dubious, but drops the argument there (for once). And Jonathan knows without a shadow of a doubt that they can never tell the kids what made Mukuro do it. Some people are just bad people is the grim explanation he'd given. And they can never know the story behind his own mortal wound. It pains Jonathan, a little. He doesn't like lying and he doesn't like keeping secrets from his kids. But this one isn't for his sake. It's for Andrew's. It's for the sake of the stability of this little home they've made for themselves.

"I can't believe we pulled that off," Jonathan says as he flops into bed. "Sometimes, I guess you need to lie."

Cordelia kisses his temple and flips past a few ads in Cosmo. "When you think about it, we're, like, really good parents." Jonathan grins up at her, because it's so true and that'll never stop making him endlessly happy, but deep down he still wishes he could fix his own past.
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Re: five family problems jonathan can't solve with his therapist-fu (part three)

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fhjkfsd YES YES YES ugh cordelia's stupid nightmares and jman nott being able to stop them and piracy is michelle's greatest problem!!! ugh omf i want to write like a fic of like five ways cordelia is responsible for alex's problems IS THAT WRONG I MEAN SERIOUSLY DID YOU SEE CONNOR ALEX IS REALLY A WALK IN THE PARK IN COMPARISON

omg omg dog bite. dog bite.

fkjsd we're really good parents!!! My heart literally SANG shit man this is the best. the resurgance of utopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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omg omg omg five ways cordelia is responsible for alex's problems WRITE IT!!!!! AHHHH WRITE IT SO HARD just so you know, the other one I'm writing for you (I mean, there are lots, but the one that I'm currently working on and is closest to being done) is five honeymoooons :*
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omg honeymoon yayayayy i love you yay :(((((((
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the only common fandoms we have are games

Write Jax's ASAP
Five sting operations Matt accidentally took akito on
Five thoughts Matts wishes he'd heard sooner (and five he wishes he'd never heard)
Five times Charlie and Nathan agreed
Five of Rube's favorite der Wafflehausen patrons
Five times Charlie wishes he'd gone to school
Five ways Charlie would have been an asset to the Disciplinary Committee
Five times Simon thought maybe River was cured

Five ways Dung joined the Order of the Phoenix
Five people Gilderoy sends Christmas cards to

oh oh OH
Five adventures Chichiri and Tasuki have once everything is over
Five things about his past life Taka remembers
Four books Chiriko read that Miaka understood
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five adventures chichiri and tasuki have once everything is over. (too depressing to be adventures!)

[personal profile] sailor 2010-01-26 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm still the leader! I belong at Mt. Reikaku, dammit. I didn't even want to leave in the first place."

Anyone else would roll their eyes, but Chichiri smiles. "You're glad for in the end, aren't you?" Tasuki doesn't answer, and he doesn't have to. They both know.

Still, it's the first place they visit, and Chichiri watches as Kouji and Tasuki revert to carefree teenagers, dancing and singing bandit songs. He's sure he'll continue on to whatever is next alone, as Tasuki originally billed this trip as the return to his rightful place as leader of the Mt. Reikaku bandits — and so, he's pleasantly surprised when Tasuki agrees to share leadership with Kouji.

"I just like traveling," he says loudly when a few of the bandits ask him why. This doesn't seem to quell them any. "Quit your whining!" Tasuki yells. "I'm young, I gotta get out and see the world!"

"We'll come back a lot," Chichiri adds helpfully, smiling mask in place. "Like Tasuki could really stay away from you guys! He's really a big baby, no da."

When Kouji laughs, a squabble breaks out between the two, Tasuki screeching his head off, fists flying. "See?" Chichiri calls over the din. "He missed you!"

Chichiri keeps his mask, but doesn't bother to wear it much anymore. He finds that he just doesn't have quite as many secrets. After all, it's only Tasuki. They've seen the worst of the world; he's not worried about having to live up to that guy's standards.

Once and only once, they have to stop themselves from writing their fallen friends' names on Tasuki's ofuda. The illusion isn't worth it.

"Hey, Chichiri," Tasuki says brightly as they pass a street stall selling wine. "You never let me get you those drinks after we fought Nakago!"

"Ah, I don't really—"

Tasuki throws an arm around his friend and, grinning, forcibly steers them back to the stall. "I'm a man of my word, and we're drinking tonight!"

The inn owner pounds on their door three times that night — luckily, Chichiri understands moderation and is able to speak politely with her, even if he does collapse into a fit of laughter once the door is closed again. Tasuki continues to jump from bed to bed, scream-singing that he's the King of Suzaku.

At the end of the day, this is what they continue to live for: sitting on riverbanks, far enough from the water that Tasuki feels safe, enjoying fresh food from street markets; laughing, the ability to remember all that happened and still laugh. The greatest adventure, Chichiri reminds himself often, is the ability to have an everyday life.
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BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW maybe we could have chiriko appear just for a couple minutes
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fskldjflkjsdlkjfsdlkjfsd uh so rewatching bits of this show has been the best thing EVER.

CHIRIKO: dead. :|
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fjhjkfs ugh i love the episode where they are ghosts and Nuriko's little bro is such a dick and Nuriko is like UGH HE IS A BIG BABY I WISH I WAS SOLID SO I COULD KICK HIM IN THE TEETH jkhfd hahhaa and hotohori cant hug his kid ha ha sucker

now i want to write fy fics jkfs
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This is the big gay bromance I always wanted for themmmmm ;;;;; Caitlin
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I JUST. ME TOO, OKAY, ME TOO. I feel like my twelve-year-old self guided me by the hand in writing this. i mean for the love of god BROMANTIC WORLD-TRAVELING WITH A SIDE OF TRAGEDY is in all honesty, my biggest weakness. I just want more of this forever.

I may be a little obsessed and not totally sober anymore but man. I AM GLAD YOU REQUESTED THAT
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Re: five adventures chichiri and tasuki have once everything is over. (too depressing to be adventur

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omg i want you to know we talked about this fic nonstop during my visit
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five people gilderoy sends christmas cards to.

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Every year since his first, all the boys he shares a dormitory with (plus Bartemius, naturally!!) receive an elaborate card on their pillows before they leave for home. True, it just makes most of them more likely to act on murderous impulses when he's around, but Gilderoy thinks that's sort of the fun of it! "You can try as many times as you want, chum," he tells Harper at their first breakfast back from the holidays. "I've keen eyes! I'll always see when you try to slip a love potion into my drink."

There is one difference: though Regulus receives the same card as the rest of them, he also receives (every single year, without fail, without ever mentioning where he lives in the vicinity of Lockhart) a flowery letter on Christmas day. I truly do hope these holidays bring you happiness, it says in Gilderoy's impeccable flowing penmanship. After all, you're so very handsome when you smile. For me to see it more often would be the greatest Christmas gift in all the world!!

He burns them all.

"Will you be returning home for the holidays?" Gilderoy asks, chin pillowed in both hands as he watches Nicole do her Charms homework. When she nods beneath a curtain of silken hair, he kicks his feet happily. "Might I have your address so that I can send you a card?"

It's addressed to the Rosier family as a whole, and the owl lugging it to their window looks oddly distressed. Soon, it all becomes clear: when the envelope is opened, the card unfolds into a grand pop-up pink and purple castle, surrounded by a little moat of fragrant lilac smoke. Happy Christmas to the most beautiful, charming wizarding family I am proud to have come to know over these lovely years, it sings out in Gilderoy's voice.

"You told Gaylord where we live?" Evan asks his sister as he pushes its ashes around in the fireplace. "Not a smart move. Now he's bound to show up and ask you to do his fucking nails."

Thank you for never mocking me, Gilderoy writes with his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth. You truly are my biggest fan.

He seals it in an envelope with the other decoder ring from one of his boxes of Muggle cereal back home. Hopefully, Peter will appreciate the gesture.

Happy Christmas, Sirius, and maybe he's a little too drunk as he pens this year's batch of cards. Life post-Hogwarts isn't quite as bright and shining as he thought it would be. No one is safe anymore. Not even him. So, really, Gilderoy can't help himself when he adds at the bottom: I'm sorry about your brother. Once the holidays are over, would you like to meet at the Hog's Head for a drink?

Because Sirius might not be the brother he had his heart set on, but in these trying times, one must make do with what one has.