May. 26th, 2011

life marches on.

A LOT OF STUFF WENT HERE THAT I'VE SINCE DELETED because, guess what, Dan and I decided to give it another shot. yep. there are a lot of reasons and frankly I'm kind of tired of explaining my shit, so I will just leave it at this: there are a lot of stipulations, but I believe it'll work out, and I am happy.

HEY! let's look on the bright side! here is what I have going on this summer (all exciting stuff):

  • my summer school class is 6/6 - 6/30. it's MATH165 aka statistics. I have to take it for my major. this shouldn't excite me, but it does. why? I DON'T REALLY KNOW TO BE HONEST. I'm aggressively terrible at math, so much so that it makes me cry from frustration. but I figure that I'd rather take it over four weeks than four months, and I've heard this professor is legit amazing. so maybe it won't be horrendous! (let's ignore the fact that it is 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. four days a week. so gross>)

  • auditioned for The Merry Wives of Windsor (which will go up 8/5 - 8/21) and Antigone (8/26 - 9/11). I was offered a role in Merry Wives before callbacks were even over, so I'll definitely be playing Anne Page in that. Anne is a sassy ingenue who tricks the two dudes she's semi-promised to into marrying little boys, then runs off with her sexy Fabio-esque loverboy. the Antigone cast list has yet to be released, but I have my fingers crossed for the Chorus (or Ismene, but that's a longshot). either way, I'm in at least one show! \o/

  • JOB? a job would be fucking fantastic, thanks. I haven't heard back from anything on campus, which is a bummer. today, I plan on biking to the Korean/Japanese restaurant across the street from school and seeing if they're looking for help. the owner is amazing and I have previously written about her here, so I hope that might endear me to her.

  • going back to a regular workout schedule and my new-old boxing coach. super duper excited to get back in the gym. it's ironic that working out is my greatest stress reliever, yet I never have time to do it during the schoolyear when I'm actually stressed.

  • determined to reach out to people, once I get out of my post-breakup hermit phase. I want to bond with so many friends this summer. also, Elise finally got a car this past weekend, so that means SO MANY ADVENTURES.

  • a few random projects for this summer — planting some things in the strip of soil outside my porch, either fixing up my shitty bike or procuring a new one, reading all of One Piece because I love [ profile] terrorcandy just that much, reorganizing my entire apartment, etc. etc.

so basically, there are a lot of bright things on the horizon and I am excited to throw myself into them full force. I've just got blinders on at the moment. they'll come off soon.

ANYWAY. I've been wanting to do this again, so HERE IT IS:

give me a "five things" prompt for any fandom that you know I am into, and I will try to write it, no promises.
previous incarnation and examples in case you do not understand this concept: here. DO IT DO IT DO IT



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